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Exclusive Internet Provider

Reebok - Mossel bay and Plettenberg Bay

It is time! Aldamali has started an exclusive high quality internet service in Reebok, Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay. We started the Internet Provider Service due to the lack of high quality internet in the areas. The access to quality internet is what is needed to do video and voice streaming. This includes services like Internet TV (Showmax / DSTV Now / Netflix) and Telephone services.

Our internet provider service consists of small connection points or access points where clients connect to. The maximum amount of clients are 25. This means that only 25 clients will connect to a 100Mb connection. The connection will automatically divide the maximum data rate that is available through the amount of active users. This will ensure that clients will never receive less than speed than they are paying for. Your speed will go higher as users are not active.

Load shedding

Always have access to the internet

The network is carefully designed to have backups in place should something fail. We have a backup for the incoming data line as well as for the power supply. The backup data line is based on the slower LTE technology, thus your speed might be slower than usual. Your installation can also be planned to be always on-line, especially if you have an internet telephone installed.

Our Services

Aldamali also focuses on other IT services

Design /

who we are

More about Aldamali Internet Services

The name Aldamali is a first-two-letter combination of Alec, David, Marius and Lizelle. These are the names of the owners and their god-children.

Mariusoft CC was the original company that started of in 1998. The company gave service to the municipality in Middelburg, Mpumalanga on the field of Information technology and electronic systems like traffic light system design and installation, CCTV, Full stack Web application design, Microsoft Office (MS Word and MS Excel) macro creation and building access control.

In 2018, Aldamali Internet Services was started and it only concentrates on the Garden Route District (former Eden District). Especially the Klein-brak, Groot-brak, Sedgefield and Plettenberg Bay areas.

The services will be based on internet related services. This will include wireless connectivity to the internet, website design, website and email hosting, bulk SMS distribution, basic training on internet and computer related topics like networking, anti-virus protection and virus removal, internet application design and hosting, internet telephony, small internet gadgets and any other services that makes use of the internet as a communication platform.

Reliable and professional services

Fast always-on internet to exclusive clients

Help will be provided from installation of the internet to the completion of the task at hand. Technical tasks as well as typing tasks.

Clear telephone calls on internet telephones

what we do

Our Anti-Virus Services

Don’t even think to access the internet without an anti-virus installed on you system! You will be infected in no time. Within a few minutes dangerous software will try to enter your PC / Laptop / Phone, even if you do not open an infected website.

95% of slow computers are related to virus infections.

Aldamali proudly distributes the ESET range of anti-virus and internet security products for home users. DO NOT USE FREE ANTI-VIRUS solutions! You will get burned as these solutions are not up to standard. Otherwise no-one will buy any anti-virus products.

Please ensure that you keep your anti-virus updated by paying your annual fee. You will be glad you did!

Up-to-date Technology

Certified Programmers

Fast detection

Best Anti-Virus

Protects you against all types of malware, including viruses, ransomware, worms and spyware.

Enjoy the full power of your computer. Play, work and browse the internet without slowdowns.

No system updates or annoying pop-ups while you play games or run a program in full-screen mode.

Take note of these tips to avoid computer virus spreading

Unknown Email

Delete emails from unknown people

Avoid opening unknown emails. Sometimes the subject of the email makes you curious to open it. If you do not know where the email is coming from, DON’T open it.

Email attachments

Avoid opening unknown attachments

A lot of virus and worm infections comes from opening attachments sent by email. Infections can be added to any kind of file. Mostly these infections are added to PDF, EXE, JPG, PNG and GIF files and sent to unsuspected computer users. Please make sure that the attachment you received are coming from a person you know. Otherwise delete it at once.

Free / cracked software

Avoid free, cracked or patched software

Software programmers take a lot of time and resources to develop software that you can use. This includes software like Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point, Photoshop, Corel Draw and the like. This increases the cost of buying the software. Most of us has that one friend that will be able to download a cracked version of the software you are looking for.

This is not only illegal, it is also a source of highly infected software that you allow on your computer. Please avoid these kind of software and keep you computer safe.

Nowadays there are many alternatives to the software you need to complete a task. Go to Google and search for alternatives and go through the list provided. I can assure you, you will find some free software that you can use.

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Our Big Partners

Partners are needed to make any business a great business. Not just any partners. They must be respected and tested by the industry to ensure that your customers get the best service in every area.

CECNS Certificate Number: 1194/CECNS/NOV/2018

CECS Certificate Number: 1194/CECS/NOV/2018

Garden Route, be prepared for great internet!